Monday, July 9, 2012

My New Obsession

Passionate Love
Baby Baby you are So Beautiful.. even a Bad Boy wanna Make Love, having a sexual fantasy With You. Do you free TonightOh Ah Oh...~ Shake It... Put Your Hands Up... wow! Fantastic Baby!! Haha! Just A Feeling of Blue..

Romantic Love
Oh Ma Baby, come Follow MeCome Be My LadyLet Me Hear Your Voice, and let me Bring You Love. We will Never Stop Dreaming.. I am happy Forever With You, and We Belong Together. Yeah, Together Forever.. Lets make a Wonderful relation through our Love Song.

Deterioration of Love
You are Ms. Liar! You are a Heartbreaker! Oh damn.. A Fool's Only Tears.. I dont expect My Girl to Lies to me.. Yeah, she Always lied As If Nothing's Wrong.. All the Ego, bad Emotion, damn Feeling, Everything was sucks! You are Lunatic damn Monster! Really I Don't Understand.. Suddenly you Tell Me Goodbye.. I'm Mad About YouBut I Love You.. Sorry..

Live our life happily
What Can I Do, since I am only a men.. practically I Need A Girl.. I need Somebody To Love who truly loves me.. but, on Top Of The World, I just Stay and wait patiently, until the Victory will come to me. I'll wait Until Whenever.. yeah, we Stil Alive.. Haru Haru? Eh? Why Be Normal meyh.. We Are BIGBANG!!!

haha! the above ridiculous love story is actually juz a bunch of Bigbang's song title.. (purplish word).. currently i am in love with this South Korean group.. even it is not impossible to say that i am obsessed with them! yeah! go Bigbang go!!

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