Sunday, February 27, 2011

plz don giv up..

suppose she sdg m'studykn diri ari nie memandgkn esok ade kuiz..
but i don feel like wanna study la ptg2 cmnie.. nk update belog nie pon b'pk due tige kali nk cite psl ape.. bohsan xhengat!
em.. giv up? ada apa dgn tajok? heheh.. suddenly i feel that diz topic is very interesting to talk about..
thats not mean 'i want to encourage myself to do sumtin or else'.. it is juz to console someone for not giv up in wat he was doing ryte now.. yes i believe in him, juz wanna see his effort.. plus it takes times to think more about us.. 

for sure, sume org pon xkn phm ape yg she sdg bebelkn skang neh.. ofcoz la, all things yg mlibatkan masalah hati nie juz org2 tertentu je yg boleh fhm.. n she sgt2 sure, ade seseorg yg sgt2 fhm ape yg she ckpkn dlm entry kali nie..
yes he is.. "hey, xpayah nk stalker sgt la okey..''
belog nie she da anggap as my personal diary sebnanye..
skali skale nk jiwang bole x? hahah!
she segan gak nk post entry yg cmnie.. tp she rase traffic belog nie pon x byk mane.. so, xde la malu cgt kn.. malu cket je.. ehek!

so, the conclusion is, i'll be your best 'adopted sister' for diz tyme.. its very happy to be one of your luvly person.. abg, adek syg abg.. really mean it!

monolog : abg angkat she super hawt okey! nk knal?

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